26 jan. 2012

Hack Week @ Twitter

Twitter Blog: Hack Week @ Twitter#navbar-iframe { display:block } Twitter BlogHack Week @ Twitter6954492974599067089Wednesday, January 25, 2012Hack Week is one of the ways we actively promote innovation through experimentation around the company. This week, a wide range of folks here are taking time away from their day-to-day work to collaborate and develop ideas that they are passionate about.

Get comfortable with uncertainty; it leaves room for inspiration. #hackweek
— benji shine (@bshine) January 24, 2012

Employees across the company have formed nearly 100 teams to work on a variety of projects. Some are developing ways that could make Twitter even easier to use; others are testing out a new feature or tool that people might want to see in the service. Some projects are technical, and strategic; some are fun, giving people a chance to stretch their creative muscles.

We don’t know what exactly will result, but we can’t wait to find out. One thing we do know: we’ll have a bunch of awesome new products, features, and ideas. Some may launch quickly, and others will earn more time and attention to further develop. And of course, some of what happens in Hack Week will stay in Hack Week.

Stay tuned for updates about our first Hack Week of 2012.

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